Ignacia Orellana


I work with organisations through short to mid-term engagements, providing support in the following areas.


Service design

Together with my clients, I take a holistic approach to designing products and services from front-to-back, end-to-end, and across channels, with a strong focus on inclusivity.

Design research

I use creativity to understand user needs, the root causes of problems and opportunities for the organisation. I use quantitative and qualitative data to inform decision making and achieve actionable and more strategic outcomes.

Workshop facilitation

I help organisations achieve their outcomes by bringing people together through team sessions, hypothesis driven design, co-design with users, stakeholder engagement and setting a product vision and roadmap.

Capability building

I deliver training that helps organisations see the value of user centered design, agile and service design - adapting it to their context so that it's tangible, practical and based on real problems.

Public speaking

I’m an experienced public speaker - I tend to talk about public sector design, digital transformation, service design methods and tools. Here's a list of past talks I've done.


I also provide one off 1-2-1 sessions to help scope or tackle a specific problem, and ongoining sessions for personal and professional development.